The Backstory and basics of the Bloody Mary

The foundation:

  • Vodka base
  • Good quality tomato juice
  • Horseradish / Tabasco
  • Lemon or lime
  • Worcestershire sauce

Spice up your Bloody Mary:

  1. You can customize a Bloody Mary with (almost) anything
  2. Tinker to get it spot on
  3. Switch up the vodka to keep things fresh
  4. Get creative with your mixers
  5. Detox and contribute to your five-a-day


Photo provided by The Pig in Washington D.C.

Photo provided by The Pig in Washington D.C.

The Bloody Mary is the quintessential brunch drink. Bloody Mary ingredients are a mix of  savory and spicy with a little bit sweetness to hit all the right spots.  Find out more about the history of the classic cocktail, plus the many ways to enjoy it.

History of the Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary was created almost a century ago, but the exact details of who, when and where are hotly debated. With all the different recipes and variations on this cocktail classic, there are numerous competing claims on both sides of the Atlantic, including Fernand Petiot, who claimed to have invented the drink in 1920s Paris at Harry’s New York Bar, and New York’s 21 Club, where both a bartender and a patron both laid claim to the invention. The patron, legendary American entertainer George Jessel, was even once featured in display advertising for Smirnoff brand vodka with the slogan, “I, George Jessel, invented the Bloody Mary.” The 1950s ad goes on to give a brief outline for a Bloody Mary, noting the juice as being “for the body” and the vodka “for the spirit.” Maybe this is where we get the notion of the Bloody Mary as a hangover cure — the Sunday morning ritual to reinvigorate and nurse us back to life.

Bloody Mary ingredients

Like a few other classic cocktails, the Bloody Mary has taken on a variety of monikers over the years — Bucket of Blood, Red Hammer and even Red Snapper. The foundation for all these drinks, however, is the same: a vodka base is enhanced with good quality tomato juice. In the modern Bloody Mary, the spicy kick is brought by horseradish and/or Tabasco, with fresh lime or lemon juice adding that citrusy zing. An authentic Bloody Mary should have a dash of Worcestershire sauce — a crucial component that brings umami, savory tones to the drink. For a colorful, edible garnish, a celery stalk often acts as a stirrer with the rim of the glass crusted in celery salt.

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