A Tamarind and Ginger Glaze Makes These Chicken Wings Fly

Dried chilies are a highly versatile ingredient that should be in every cook’s kitchen. They have the ability to add a complexity to a variety of dishes. By using dried chilies, you’re able to create an impressively delicious glaze that complements chicken wings with the help of tamarind and ginger. Instead of frying, the wings should be baked, resulting in a tender piece of meat encased in a sticky glaze of a deep mahogany hue.


Key Takeaways:

  • These wings are different from regular wings, they are oven roasted.
  • The tamarind and sugar keep the wings from being so hot.
  • The bright red color of the paste appears when the wings are baked.


“There are few ingredients that you can keep in your pantry that offer more bang for their buck than dried chilies.”

Read more: https://www.seriouseats.com/2018/06/a-tamarind-and-ginger-glaze-makes-these-chicken-wings-fly.html

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