7 Must-Try Frozen Drinks in Philly

These past couple of weeks have been so hot and humid, that it seems almost impossible to cool off. But now we have a list of seven MUST-TRY frozen drinks in Philly that will help you beat this heat!

  1. Sgroppino at Capofitto
  2. Lemonnana at Dizengoff
  3. Three Strikes You’re Stout at Craftsman Row Saloon
  4. Watermelon Slush at Bud & Marilyn’s
  5. Boozy Popsicles at Devil’s Den
  6. Farmer #4 at Urban Farmer
  7. Jupiter at Assembly


Photo Credit: zagat.com

Photo Credit: zagat.com

From kid-friendly slushies to adults-only offerings like frozen Negronis, there’s something appealing about frozen drinks — an appeal that increases exponentially when temperatures rise. Here’s a line up of icy drinks designed with summer refreshment in mind.

Sgroppino at Capofitto
Proving Venetians know how to summer, the crew at this Old City pizzeria and gelateria shake up an A+ slushy version of this Italian classic. The combo of vodka, Prosecco and lemon sorbetto drinks like liquid AC (pictured below).

233 Chestnut St.; 215-897-9999

Lemonnana at Dizengoff
Sharing a liquor license with neighboring Abe Fisher is fortuitous for this Sansom Street hummusiya. It means they can take their frozen mint lemonade and spike it with a generous shot of gin, making for a standout summertime refresher (pictured at top).

1625 Sansom St.; 215-867-8181

Three Strikes You’re Stout at Craftsman Row Saloon
Think of this R-rated milkshake (pictured above) as a less spring break-y take on a mudslide. Chocolate ice cream and liqueur are whipped up with whichever rotating stout is on draft, then topped with a sundae’s worth of whipped cream and Hershey’s syrup.

112 S. Eighth St.; 215-923-0123

Watermelon Slush at Bud & Marilyn’s
Taking full advantage of a frozen drink machine behind the bar, the retro cocktail enthusiasts at this 13th Street supper club are blending fresh watermelon with basil syrup, lime and London dry gin (pictured above) for a perfect happy hour sipper.

1234 Locust St.; 215-546-2220

oozy Popsicles at Devil’s Den
Popping open a rainbow-hued Fla-Vor-Ice (or Otter Pop) isn’t exactly socially acceptable after the age of 12, but the corner of 11th and Ellsworth is a no judgment zone. The kitchen here is making two takes on boozy popsicles (pictured above) per week in cocktail flavors like margarita, gin & tonic and mojito.

1148 S. 11th St.; 215-339-0855

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