7 Condiments That Were The Srirachas of Their Times

It is hard to come by a college student who does not have a bottle of Sriracha in their fridge. It is the condiment that children and adults alike know and love. But, have you ever wondered what condiment used to be the main competitors?

  • Ketchup in the 1800s
  • Horseradish in the ’70s
  • Balsamic vinegar in the early ’80s
  • Grey Poupon in the late ’80s
  • Salsa in the early ’90s
  • Ranch dressing in the early ’90s
  • Garlic everything in the late ’90s

Photo Source: iHerb.com

Photo Source: iHerb.com

After a nationwide scare over a possible shortage, a celebratory festival and about a billion products using it as a flavor, there is no hotter sauce than Sriracha (figuratively speaking—we don’t want to upset anyone making ghost pepper sauce). But the red stuff in the rooster bottle is far from the first condiment craze.

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