5 Great Ways to Decorate Your Thanksgiving Table in Minutes

While you’re whipping up the homemade gravy and basting the turkey to a golden brown, you may feel you don’t have time to create a stunning tablescape. Still, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a beautifully designed centerpiece that’s just as fabulous as the feast?



Now you can. Here are 5 easy, elegant ideas that will take your Thanksgiving table from plain to perfect.




Using a medium-sized platter, arrange apples and pomegranates around a large green winter squash or fresh pumpkin. To add extra visual appeal, choose different varieties of apples – some deep red, some bright green and some with dappled skins. Tuck in a few freshly fallen autumn leaves from the yard, or if you prefer, small sprigs of rosemary or fresh sage. Just before guests arrive, add half a dozen red roses to the arrangement by cutting the stems to about 2 1/2 inches and inserting them between the apples and pomegranates. Pro tip: toothpicks can be gently inserted into apples and other elements to hold your arrangement together.




Scour your local thrift shop or flea market for blue, green or amber glass bottles. Play with different arrangements to see what mix of heights and shapes looks best. Uneven numbers work well, so plan to have 3, 5 or 7 bottles on hand.

Place the bottles on your table a day ahead, allowing time to enjoy the process of arranging them. An hour or so before the celebration fill bottles with water and add fresh herbs, grasses or single flower stems. Good floral choices include large spider mums, roses, iris or Asiatic lilies cut at different heights. For an added touch, use smaller bottles as place cards by attaching name tags with ribbon, twine or jute string.




If you’re saving all your money for Black Friday, we’ve got you. Hit the backyard for interesting looking fall foliage to arrange in your favorite vases or pitchers. Plants and shrubs that offer clusters of berries are especially lovely. Even bare branches with a few colorful leaves still attached can add the perfect natural accent. Gather cut or solid glass, china or pewter vessels together and fill. If you’re lucky enough to have acorns in your landscape, scatter a few around the base of your arrangement – or use fresh nuts in the shell for a harvest effect.




When you’re doing the Thanksgiving shopping, pick up a bag or two of fresh cranberries and a bunch of fresh lilies, roses or showy, large mums. Using two or three plain glass vases with wide openings and flat bottoms, place a simple drinking glass in the center of each. Fill the space between the vase and the drinking glass with cranberries. Add water to each drinking glass, and then arrange the flowers inside. Cut stems so the blossoms rest just above the rim of the vase.

Display vases in the center of your table, either in a row or a rich red cluster.




The floral department at your grocery store will likely have bunches of fancy bearded wheat for use in table displays. Just one or two bunches is all it takes to make simple, lovely arrangements for your table. Start with a plain square or cylindrical glass vases about 6 to 10 inches in height. Add about an inch of plain white or brown granulated sugar to the bottom of each vase. (Don’t use traditional brown sugar, since it is too moist to settle evenly in the vase.)

Take a handful of the wheat – about half a bunch – and tie loosely at about mid-stem, using colorful ribbon or twine. Position your arrangement inside the vase. The sugar will hold the stems in place. A few sparkling votives will give the perfect finishing touch to your table.




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