9 Healthy Eating New Year’s Resolution Ideas

Today is the last day to decide what you want your 2017 New Year’s resolution to be. Whether you are trying to get rid of the extra weight the holidays bring or just trying to eat healthier, we have a short list of resolutions you can make this year if you have hopes for a better, healthier year.

A new year is a clean slate. Now’s the time to start that new fitness plan, actually get eight hours of sleep every night, and form healthy eating habits.

If eating healthier is one of your top new year priorities, that’s great. But “I’m going to eat healthier this year” is one of those well intentioned, but too-hard-to-define goals that isn’t nearly as easy done as said. (That’s one reason it’s so damn hard to keep resolutions.) So if the big idea is healthier eating, you’ll have better success if you break it down in to bite-sized mini-goals like these registered dietitian-approved resolutions. Tricks like eating veggies with breakfast and snacking on two pieces of fruit everyday are super simple ways to upgrade the healthy eating habits you already have. So you’ll have no problem getting them to stick.
1. Reduce your sugar intake.
“Cutting back on sugar is a gradual process and doesn’t happen overnight, but once you start to cut back on it, you’ll realize you don’t need as much of it as you once thought. And it doesn’t have to be complicated. One easy thing I like to do to cut is use Truvia Nectar, because it has 50 percent fewer calories than sugar. I put it in my Greek yogurt, tea, or anything else I usually put honey, sugar, or agave in”

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