25 Ways to Thank Your Customers: Fun, Quirky and Memorable Ways to Build a Loyal Customer Base

It is important to take time to appreciate your customers because they are, in fact, the reason you are in business. By sending a letter or a box of cookies, customers are reminded why they continue returning to your business. Gestures like this help build a loyal customer base. We have found some ideas of how you can show your customers your appreciation.

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1. Write a note
2. Help customers learn something new
3. Wow one customer
4. Spend quality time together
5. Give a great read
6. Start a loyalty program
7. Reward social media-savvy customers
8. Treat a far-away customer to coffee
9. Spotlight customers
10. Send a treat
11. Give a charitable gift
12. Offer a surprise upgrade
13. Throw a party
14. Distribute free goodies
15. Send cards on unique holidays 16.Refer customers
17. Show you value feedback
18. Excel at customer service daily
19. Discount their bill, just because
20. Send gift cards
21. Honor an achievement
22. Hold in-store events after hours
23. Make them laugh
24. Give some swag
25. Celebrate a major milestone


While “thanks” has a nice ring to it, words just don’t carry the gravity of actions. If you’re in the customer service business—and every business is, in some capacity—you should strive to continually show your gratitude to customers in fun and memorable ways.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.”–John F. Kennedy

This resource features 25 outstanding ways to show your appreciation to customers. You’ll notice common threads that run through each idea. Every attempt at giving thanks must be relevant and personalized, noticeable and sincere. These simple requirements will ensure your show of gratitude hits home with customers.

Show customers your thankfulness today by acting on one (or more!) of these 25 ideas.

Read the full list here.

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