25 Easter Party Ideas For Kids

Throw an Easter party to remember with crafts, activities, and eggsperiments for kids. Fill hollowed out Easter eggs with confetti and let the kids smash them on the floor. Set up an obstacle course that must be completed while keeping an egg steady on the spoon the entire time (eek!). You will definitely find us playing egg bocce ball in the front yard come Easter Sunday.  (From Babble)

Egg and confetti cascarones

  1. Eggtacular relay
  2. Egg bocce ball
  3. Egg toss
  4. Eggy scavenger hunt
  5. Eggsperiment
  6. Pin the tail on the Easter bunny
  7. Easter memory
  8. Bunny race
  9. Guess how many eggs
  10. Easter bingo
  11. Bunny bowling
  12. Egg toss
  13. Easter ears
  14. Easter necklaces
  15. Shaving cream Easter eggs
  16. Bunny masks
  17. Egg ring toss
  18. What’s inside?
  19. Pass the egg
  20. Egg carton scavenger hunt
  21. Egg roll
  22. Egg hunt board game
  23. Easter carrot toss
  24. Egg sculptures



Photo: prettyprudent.com

How to Make Cascarones (Confetti Eggs)


Cascarones are a Mexican Easter tradition and a great alternative to plastic eggs for your hunting pleasure.

Kids LOVE them as much (if not more) than any candy-filled egg. We had them at the Third Birthday Fiesta and they were the hit of the party.

Many, many were smashed over my head.

AND they are super-easy to make. Find out How to Make Cascarones after the jump…
You can start by making a pin board to use as a drying rack. This is not necessary, but very helpful when making cascarones. Just take a piece of styrofoam (this one was from the box my embroidery machine came in) and stick pins into it to form a grid.

Then you’ll need some uncooked eggs.

Take one egg. Do not look at my nail polish. It’s that newfangled gel business and I cannot get it off on my own:

Tap it on the counter to crack the bottom, then stick a skewer into it to widen the hole:


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