17 Harry Potter Kitchen Gadgets For Muggles Who Want To Be Cooking Wizards

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter and who wouldn’t want to cook with Harry Potter themed gadgets? Here’s how you can get started:

  • Assorted wooden spoons
  • Golden snitch apron
  • Marauder’s map cutting board
  • Hous crest cookie stamps
  • Cauldron mug
  • Harry Potter wine markers
  • Hedwig and Pigwidgeon salt and pepper shakers
  • Accio beer bottle opener
  • Potions KitchenAid mixer decals
  • Dobby can cooler
  • Hogwarts express toast rack
  • Wand chopsticks
  • Honeydukes candy jar
  • Harry Potter oven mit
  • Sorting hat tea cosy
  • Hogwarts tumbler glass


Photo Source: www.scoooops.com

Accio, cooking skills! If your dinner table is looking more like Azkaban and less like the Great Hall, we’ve rounded up 17 of the most spell-binding Harry Potter gadgets that will Wingardium Leviosa your food to new heights. You may give any loyal and kitchen-saavy house-elf a run for his gold-galleons. (Sorry, Dobby.) Click through to check them out!

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