16 Food Trends That Will Take 2016 by Storm

We are already into our fourth month of 2016, so why don’t we see how accurate Yahoo’s predictions are for 2016’s food trends!

  1. Poke
  2. No-waste kitchens
  3. The return of bread
  4. Spam
  5. Artisan ice cream
  6. Seaweed
  7. Ube
  8. No-tip nation
  9. Fermented everything
  10. New Jewish cuisine
  11. Healthy fast food
  12. Veggies take center stage
  13. Acai bowl
  14. Food hall overload
  15. Exotic condiments
  16. Pop-up restaurants



Fresh tuna bowls at the popular Los Angeles poke spot, Sweetfin. (Photo: Gillie Houston for Yahoo Food)

New year, new trends. As 2015 draws to a close, we’ve taken a look at all of the foods and restaurant trends we’ll be seeing a lot of next year. From fresh takes on bright, healthful fare to exotic Pacific and Asian influences, these are the things that will be dominating the food scene — and your diet — in 2016.


Even if you’ve never personally tried poke, chances are you’ve heard of it. This traditional Hawaiian salad made up of raw fish, seasonings, sauce, fruits, and vegetables has taken the West Coast by storm this year, and is primed to sweep the rest of the country in 2016. As many Americans start to favor fresh and healthy foods instead of heavier dishes, poke is sure to fulfill that dietary need.

During the average lunchtime at trendy Los Angeles spot Sweetfin Poke, customers stretch out the door of the restaurant awaiting their fast and fresh creations. Their signature BYOB (Build Your Own Bowl) option gives eaters the chance to be creative. Protein choices range from Spicy Yuzu Salmon to Kale Snapper to Shiitake Chile Tofu, and are dressed up on rice or salad with the toppings and sauces of your choice, from avocado and mango to creamy Togarashi sauce. It’s like Chipotle — but fishier — and it’s about to blow up in a big way.

No-Waste Kitchens 

The no-waste movement got a huge bump in 2015, thanks in large part to activist chefs who have made no-waste their new primary cause, and are churning out innovative menus to prove it. Next year will be the year that more and more kitchens and restaurants declare themselves waste-free, whether that be motivated by genuine food waste concerns or a desire to not miss out on the next big thing. By embracing “ugly” and expired foods and putting an emphasis on reinventing leftovers, restaurants and consumers will be turning their focus to minimizing excess.

This movement’s transformative moment could be traced to Dan Barber, the Blue Hill at Stone Barns chef who made splashy headlines this year with his wastED pop-up, which offered gourmet dishes made completely of typically discarded ingredients, such as vegetable pulp and misshapen pasta. Other chefs have since taken an active stance against food waste, including Top Chef’s Tom Colicchio, who recently partnered with Hidden Valley to give demonstrations on how to cook with these normally wasted ingredients.

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