11 Out-of-the-Box Easter Egg Hunt Ideas will Keep Kids Entertained

Here are some ideas to spice up a yearly tradition for those kids who have done one too many Easter egg hunts.

  1. Including Easter bunny tracks adds a cute touch to any Easter egg hunt
  2. Easter egg garden that “grows” plastic eggs
  3. Indoor egg hunts are best for when you live somewhere where spring has not yet come
  4. A golden egg makes for a great treasure hunt
  5. Turn things into a letter hunt by adding letters to eggs
  6. Easter egg decoder is great for large groups of kids
  7. What kid wouldn’t love a kid-quided hunt?
  8. Create an Easter egg scavenger hunt check list
  9. Let kids burn off some of that excess energy with an exercise scavenger hunt
  10. Switch things up with a glow-in-the-dark hunt
  11. Forget about the scavenger hunt, go for an Easter egg piñata



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An Easter egg hunt is a fun annual tradition — and it’s one your kids might start getting bored with if you’ve been doing the same old, same old for a few years in a row. Approaching an Easter egg hunt in a whole new way can give kids something to look forward to on the upcoming holiday.


Think of the Easter egg hunt upgrade as the gift that keeps on giving — setting your kids loose on a new hunt could keep them busy for hours on Easter. At least one of these creative Easter egg hunt ideas is sure to take your kids by surprise.


1. Easter bunny tracks

A full-blown Easter egg hunt guided by the Easter Bunny himself? Surely there could be nothing cuter. Little guys and gals will love waking up on Easter morning to find that the Easter Bunny has left them a personalized note and a few bunny tracks pointing them in the direction of the hidden eggs. These cute printables make setting up the bunny track hunt a breeze.

2. Easter egg garden

For very young children, this is as adorable as it comes. If your tot isn’t up to hunting in the grass, you can make your own Easter egg garden that “grows” plastic eggs instead. Placing candy-filled Easter egg flowers in the grass or sand will make it easy for even the littlest ones to find their treats.

3. Indoor egg hunt

If you live in a part of the country where spring hasn’t sprung yet, all hope is not lost. You can turn a cold or rainy Easter day into an adventure when you tell your kids that they’re going to hunt for all their eggs and Easter trinkets inside the house. To make the indoor egg hunt even more unique, try hiding the eggs in a trail or with clues leading to one giant Easter basket.

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